I enjoyed my stay in the island of Jamaica. Below are some fragmented thoughts/reflections of my trip.

As you all know, Jamaica is poor. Very poor. Tourism is the major source of income. Crops include brown sugar, bananas and Bauxite. Mostly I spoke to people who speak the language of Patois, which is a beautiful mix of African, Spanish, French and English. It was hard to enjoy my cocktails served by the overworked native Jamaican staff at the Resort I stayed at. I could not help, but think of historial colonization, modern day globalization, and most importantly, my role in it all. I would get stoned often, and stare at their tired eyes. I began to wonder if the overabundance of salt in the Jamaican waters could partially be explained by the weeping over a culture killed by miniature tropical umbrellas and a fear of understanding difference.